About us

Be Interactive Ltd. was formed in spring 2013. The aim was to create fun outdoor games in the nature and in the city, which can play the whole families, individuals or larger groups of friends. Thanks to modern technology it's easier - using smart phones and tablet PCs and GPS navigation can be performed from any ordinary trip fun quiz or adventure game. And this (not only) children really enjoy!


Be Interactive Ltd. follows these projects with the same goal – to make some places (in the nature or in the city) special with games on tablets and smartphones. The stories of the games are based on the history or current situation of each place. Games can thus play not only families with children, tourists, but we can create tailored programs for schools institutions or companies. We use an elements of Augmented Reailty in our games – you can see 3D objects from past or present in the real time on your smartphone - persons, fairytales creatures, animals, things, buildings…All can have some secrets. Within a few seconds, the door to a new world are opened!

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