The current time is full of technological progress. Traditional schools are facing to changing mindsets of their’s students. Students wants to get information and skills in modern way. Schools still learn how to use the modern technical devices for the effective learning process. It is a challenge at all to offer interesting innovative solution in the education proccess, which will be easy to use not only for students but also familiar to the teachers and other users.


We are developing applications which:

  • You can use outdoor at school trips

  • We can adapt on demand on „your theme“

  • Are educational tourist guide, which navigate you from „start to finish“

  • Where you will plan the track

  • Are entertaining, quiz game with story and atmopshere

  • You can use offline

  • You can play more people on one device

  • Which children loves

  • Everybody enjoy (it is fine to be independent, plan your outdoor trip, play a amazing game during the trip, get new information in quiz game and compete with others in light easy way)


It is easiest way how to integrate modern technologies an attractive device likes smartphones and tablets into educational proccess.


Don‘t hesitate to write us for the consultation and more information.

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We offer

  • Measure-to-made application for your exposition
  • Elements of Augmented Reality – 3D objects are shown
  • User friendly applications with interactive games or educational programs
  • All this for tablets or smartphones
  • Easy way how to impress your visitors…